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Broken Spring Repair

Local Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Services

While you might be attracted to try a broken spring repair yourself, this repair is not something anybody can or should perform. In fact, it could be a very risky undertaking for any person who is not knowledgeable and inexperienced about the security procedures involved in this process. These broken springs are under tremendous tension, and can pose a harsh risk of injuries or damages. It is also dangerous to operate a system with Broken Spring. It can harm the door as it is not closing or lifting properly. Garage door’s spring replacement should be left to the professionals always, so contact our company when you need such a service. We can replace or repair all kinds of garage door springs.

When garage door springs are considered, there are two main types: extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs run along the garage door opening, while the torsion springs are situated above the garage door opening and then slide in a bar. Knowing all this can be helpful to the spring repair technician to make sure that she or he brings the right equipment and tools for your garage door broken spring repair.

Other than knowing the kind of spring, our technician will suggest certain best practices for repairs. For example, it’s good to replace both the springs together, because when one spring goes bad, other isn’t far behind. Additionally, doing this guarantees that both are working at same tension. You can get many similar recommendations when you work with us.